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To my God YHWH                                                               

May we stand forever,

Never forsake us, for you cannot

You are all, My saviour God

May this year, all years be yours,

Use me, dedicate my life to you,

Truth set me free, truth freed,

Love, my master, Truth freed, love my path,

I still sin, yet strive to pure,

You- God, saved me,

I am not under written law,

Only the fruit, the effects of your grace.

Guide me, I fear the waves, Save me, only you can.

Father, husband, owner.

I am yours.

Marc Aupiais

Marc Aupiais

All rights reserved




                                                               Always Follow Conscience/ Conscience!

Always follow conscience,

Words are twisted,

Doctrine forced, yet

Who can twist truth?

To your death, follow conscience,

Proof is no thing, Truth is true,

Let intuition, conscience, value, guide you,.

Always follow conscience, My friend.


Copyright 2007

Marc Aupiais

All rights reserved






























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