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What can one touch a thousand times,
Yet never understand,
What is as cold as snow, yet warms the
Very Soul,
What makes an eternity of Joy, yet
tempts you to cry,
What is it that makes us human,
That's discarded without a sigh,
Why does it make us brave and
scared all at once,
Why does it make us strong, yet,
Weak all the same,
For it we would sell our souls, yet without
it we have none.
Why does it change us so, but leave
Us all the same.
How does it throw us down and make the world
look big,
How can it Lift us up and teach us how
to fly,
How come it makes life worth it, yet causes
so much pain,
Why must it hide the truth, yet touch
even fate,
Who can deny it's there, yet some
Wish it were not.
It s our truth, our core, but most know
it not,
you love it with all your heart, yet
wish it were not there,
It cannot be put into words, though about
it we always talk,
It's natural and God given, so do not fear
it so,
and remember what you would be if
there you could not go,
so go out and search for it and don't
let it go,

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