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I look into the Depths
The forest closes around me
The path disappears
And in the dark, My Map can't help
I stand as light filters through
And slowly disappears
I stand with a spear in my heart
As my stomach howls at illusions
of pain, At Just the hope,
The sight of Love's shattered reflection
I'm lost without hope
I could never know what to do, where to go,
I could never even attempt it on my own
But the Lord knows the way and He leads me
He knows every step and He guides me
Even then, what I can't do, He does
The fog clears,
The mist parts
A curtain in a forest, luck freezes over
Fate steps at my side
The wolves howl, but I'm safe
They don't even see my light
As out of the forest I walk
And into the daylight sky
I'm safe, or I will be
I think
I think as I look
As I Look into the Depths with hope.

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