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A life spent staring out the window,
hoping something will
happen, an eternity immersed in
music, waiting for a sign.
Why doesn't the phone ring,
Why don't the heavens blast?
Why did He design us to feel that
which causes so much pain. I wish she could love me,
Why won't she speak my name.
Turn back the clock and she would
have said the same.
Now, two years later, her silence
makes me weep.
I cannot touch sorrow or joy without
a broken heart creeping in.
Why can't I hear her words. The
Sweat voice that said it loved me, where
has it now gone, why couldn't I go back
to say I love her too? Why was I loyal to
One I did not love, when a dream loved
me too. That's all it is now, a dream that
Should have come true. Why does she ignore
me, when of all the world, none do. The answers
elude me, a truth cut in two. Why'm I afraid to ask
O does she love me too?

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