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Why do I have so much knowledge,
yet so little wisdom.
So much strength, yet such weak
So much power, yet so little force.
Why do I have such great understanding,
yet so little truth.
I love, yet know only pain, I hate, but
don't understand the word, I weep, yet
feel nothing. I am nothing, but why then
can't I sense reality. I stand at the
edge of the water, feet dipped in, I'm
too scared to go either in or out. I fear the
truth, yet rejoice at its sound. I hear,
but I do not listen, I listen, yet I don't
Understand, I understand, yet I do not
know. I am incomplete in every way.
Knowledge is both power and destruction,
She is the tempter of thousands, the saviour
of millions, yet she does not exist.
Life is worth nothing, yet means everything,
This is my paradox, yet I dare
not say a thing. This is my Paradox,
but I cannot give more than a hint of
but a wisp of the truth I know. Find the
truth and you will see why all this is true,
yet none could stand in court.

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