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When is water ever hurt
must it ever recover
Slice a knife through it,
It's almost as though there's
Nothing there.

Water can't think,
Yet it lives since creation itself,
It has no fixed state,
Yet it's water all the same

When It's hot, it becomes steam,
Coldness makes it ice,
Perfections heat, water it becomes,
Yet in vacuum's life, all three it is at once.

What's water, that we covet it,
What's water, but the necessity of life.
What's water, that indestructible thing,
That could crash the earth in its path,
And look none the different

What's water, we wash in it,
What's water, we live on it,
What's water, we strain for it,
What's water, that we can't live without it

And what happens when Water is carelessly set aside
by an idiot who knows not it's value,
Can he still drink it when it's spilt?

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