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Anger sees, anger does
Friendship is forgotten,
A Truth cut in two by endless lies
A Truth long forgotten,
The Liar laughs at integrity,
a murderer strolls away,
A shadow seen in the distance,
A rustle in the dark,

The mocker smiles at my pain
His handiwork, he admires,
The sinner grins at the mirror,
Daring it but a word to utter,
The great deceiver, he stares at me,
Sneering through the window
A Rainbow cloud, A starry night,
How could one have forgotten,

A thread of light, a wisp of truth, the glow at the end of the tunnel,
Oh, why deceiver, Oh, why man of shame,
Do you think I am defeated?
The battle is won, the War a victory,
To temptation, I will not give,
For the Lord is with me evermore!

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