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I Race down a hill
I pedal, and pedal again,
I laugh as my heart thumps,
I pedal, though it does nothing, still, the bike races down

Unmistakable, a force pulls me,
Unmistakable, it pulls and carries me down,
Unmistakably, the wind hits my face
Unmistakably, cool air fills my lungs
Unmistakably, as I drink it down

Absolut, my face hits a wall
Absolute, the air gains it's substance
Absolute, light shines warmly on my face
Absolute, my adrenalin flows

Presently, it begins to rain,
Presently, the clouds rain love
Presently, coolness hits my face
Presently, I swerve, in waves now created

All around, as Haze covers my view
All around, though none I now see
All around, I know these are there
All around, Invisible, though unmistakable

So, what about you?

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