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The Bible is a Love Letter
written by the hand of God
He is the Husband, we are the wife
Our Life is a dance
When we lean back, he catches us
He sways us perfectly, never doing anything
that isn't so
He leads us through and spins,
And twirls us About
Showing off His wife, His "woman"
to everyone as we sparkle in His grace
Afterwards, He holds us in His arms
Eve' as we dance, He
encourages us. As we twirl He holds our Hand
When we're scared He holds us close
And carries us in His arms
As we dance, we hear the beat,
Along with the rhythm of His heart
As Long As we do our best
His eyes never stray from us
Even when our own do,
His eyes never stray from us
Even when our own do,
His heart never moves from Love
As He gives us more than we could deserve
Pray to God, He answers, Sing, He'll Join you
Laugh, and He looks At you with Love
We are the chosen few, It's Him who Asked us out,
So sing, Dance And with God
Be His perfect Bride.

(note: poem reflects a positive view, and does not make statements of when negative actions
which break with faith, hope and love: occur
It aims at noting just part of the relationship of those who
can obey God)

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All rights reserved!
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