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Love is a companion
Unbreakable in it's grace
Love is a friend, staying to the bitter end
Love is an addiction we can but crave
Love is the cords in the Rhythem of creation

There is no life without love, no love
without life.
Love shaped the world, Its
hands carved the pillars of the Earth
Love Flew into my Heart, without it I have none.

Love is a fire, burning with anticipation,
It is water on a cold day,
It pains you to the heart,
It streatches your soul,
It makes you long,
It makes you cry,
Love is Blind,
Without it we cannot see
Love makes us care,
Nothing of life is good, without Love,
It burns your life when only ashes remain
Love is our shared attribute with God
We can love, we are made in His Image!

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