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A war of wills is fought,
An ambush goes haywire,
Images cloud the mind,
They fight through the night,
They fight through the day,
They Fight till the skies go dark,
The probe each other as they circle their enemy,
Temptation swings its blade,
Still neither give way, neither give in,
The sky is painted with gold and red,
The sun begins to set,
He's the lesser opponent,
He's the hero of the book,
His will still begin to fade,
Stars dot the skies as the battle continues,
Evil draws in on its prey,
Man fights, Man struggles, Man dodges the blade,
The knife swings again,
Temptation comes, It smiles at the repetition,
The battle stops abruptly (here to be pronounced ubruptly),
Neither win nor loss,
He's escaped, but the scratch remains,
His enemy has poisened his victory,
He cries and collapses with pain
But the Truth he Knows,
He will fight again!

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